NACR-137 Aya Sazanami


NACR-137 My Son is Daughter. A very good movie by Aya Sazanami too. This movie has quite interesting content. The story about Sazanami, although beautiful, is quite muddy and lustful. One day she took her boyfriend home to let him sit on the chair and she lay on the bed reading a book and writhing her round undulating butt and a deep t-shirt revealing her very stimulating breasts. After wriggling forever, the boyfriend did not take the initiative, so she had to sit up and seduce. The next story, you also know it. However, it didn’t stop there after being fucked. Sazanami stayed overnight with his father. That day he called the other boyfriend over to the house for dinner and then stayed. He decided to play loudly as he entered his daughter’s bedroom in the middle of the night while his boyfriend was sleeping on the sofa to …

Date: February 10, 2021