NACZ-001 Akari Aramura


NACZ-001 New – Intruder Shin Niromuri Akari. The movie is about an intruder and a raped wife. Akari and is a girl who exudes a noble and noble look. It started one day when her husband had to be away from home on a business trip for a while. Akari stays home and goes for a walk when she is noticed and watched by a pervert who specializes in rape. Although she was quite careful, Akari was tricked into opening the door by him. After entering the house, he observed everything and officially confirmed that Akari was home alone. Without waiting long he immediately knocked her unconscious and tied her to the bed and stripped Akari’s clothes. He was so disrespectful waiting for her to wake up, then he started to fuck successively in Akari’s desperate screams of resisting … After that was a series of days of Akari’s slaughter. the same pervert … Will anyone help Akari or not?

Date: February 10, 2021