NGOD-069 Risa Onodera


NGOD-069 My Wife Who Gave A Fever At The Night Was Inserted By The Teacher Of The Town Doctor … Risa Onodera. The story is about an affair between a lascivious wife and a doctor. One night the man’s wife suddenly had a survivor attack. Even though she tried everything but she still wasn’t better, the husband had to call a doctor he knew. As soon as he arrived, he showed his professionalism. The wife has a fever, but he tells the husband to open the wife’s breasts for him to examine. Then the doctor scanned her breasts, making the wife too high, so she forgot the fever. After that day the doctor kept on the excuse that the wife needed to be cared for carefully, followed closely and so he came home to take the time when the husband went to work and then secretly …

Date: February 13, 2021