NITR-317 Yuu Konishi


NITR-317 I Went To Stay At My Relatives House I Saw It For The First Time nakedness Of Adults Shocking Memories That Are Excited Even Now Ei Konishi. A pretty good and interesting movie by Yuu Konishi. At the beginning of the movie, we will see from the perspective of a student going to the city and asking to stay at his cousin’s house, even though the cousin’s house already has 3 other brothers. The student was led home by one of the three people, where his sister and the other two opened the door to greet him. Just meeting her sister, the student could not take his eyes off his big, round white breasts that seemed to want to get out of the tight white nightgown that his sister’s … And from here, the student began to witness and discover many interesting things about this family.

Date: February 10, 2021