NITR-448 Shizuka Takano


NITR-448 Nursing Volunteer College Girl And Old Man is Hot Smothering Kisses Sex. Shizuka is a nursing school girl who specializes in caring for elderly patients. After completing the class in Shizuka’s class, he was assigned to practice at the home of an elderly man in Japan. He was older but had no close relatives. On the first day Shizuka had proved herself a caring nurse, she came and helped the old man to clean and organize all the things in the house neatly. Shizuka didn’t know that the old man was old but he didn’t have that impotence. The next morning Shizuka went to the old man’s house and continued to take care of him, but she accidentally saw him hugging the shirt yesterday Shizuka had forgotten and masturbated in the living room … since that day…

Date: February 7, 2021