NKKD-193 Yuri Sasahara


NKKD-193 We are Renovating Our House… But My Wife Got Drilled And Expanded By The Contractor is Big Dick Yuri Sasahara. A young couple has just bought a house that is more spacious than their previous house, and it is convenient for the husband to move to the company. However, the house was not very new, so they had to hire a house repairman to repaint the whole house. The life of a happy young couple is like that, but because of a lot of work, the young husband cannot meet the physiological needs of the wife. Then, from the time the house repairman arrived, the wife accidentally saw his big and long cock one day when he urinated, she sneaked a look at it and was extremely lustful. The next day because he was so tired that he fell asleep, the wife gently approached and started… Since that touch they have been…

Date: July 10, 2021