NSPS-545 Aki Sasaki


NSPS-545 That Fucked Not Also Forget. Aki Sasaki is a dignified woman. She stays at home every day to take care of housework and take care of her husband very well, so her husband loves her very much. Then one evening while preparing dinner, when her husband came home, Aki Sasaki ran out to find her husband sad, after questioning, Aki Sasaki knew that her husband had to be away from home for a while for work. Company has urgent work can not refuse. The next day her husband left. Thought everything would be okay, but no, right after her husband left for business, Aki Sasaki family appeared a middle-aged man because he was so needy, so he snuck into the house to steal. While he was acting, Aki Sasaki discovered that he risked to tie her up. At first he was going to tie her up and then release her and hoped she wouldn’t accuse him. However, that intention changed when he learned that Aki Sasaki was trying to escape … Will Aki Sasaki successfully escape?

Date: February 10, 2021