NSPS-938 Mao Kurata


NSPS-938 Wife Breaking The Binding. Mao Kurata is a beautiful girl, looking at her face is enough to know how much sex she is, but she married a middle-aged man, probably because of the desire to get rich. Then, not long after the marriage, the husband again suffered from temporary impotence, which was also due to Kurata’s excessive use of energy, so he could not get out of it. Because of fear of her wife’s adultery, her husband always supervises her, he also tried all kinds of drugs but to no avail. Then Kurata’s husband forced her to sign a pledge not to commit adultery. Kurata feels sad because her husband doesn’t trust her, but who has to stop looking at Kurata so delicious and lustful, who can keep it. Will the husband be able to keep Kurata from being fucked by another guy?

Date: July 10, 2021