PPPD-701 Kousaka Sari


PPPD-701 While the Girlfriend is Away for a Week on a Family Trip It is Time to Fill Her Friend with Huge Tits with a Hot Load of Cum Sari Kosaka. Continuing to be another great movie by Kousaka Sari, she possesses an irresistible lustful smile. The movie is about a big-breasted girl who seduces a friend’s lover. Mia her lover is happily living together when one day her family travel together for a week. So Mia held a small party to say goodbye to her lover and her best friend Kousaka. That night because she was so drunk, Mia fell asleep, leaving only Kousaka and her boyfriend. In the meantime, both of them could not hold back their emotions, Kousaka was really pretty so Mia’s boyfriend couldn’t resist … The next morning Mia woke up and started to travel with her family. Family … On the boyfriend’s side after fuck with Kousaka, Kousaka’s silhouette always appears in his mind and Kousaka too, she really wants to take care of her boyfriend for her best friend in a week of absence …

Date: February 10, 2021