PRED-134 Arai Yuuka


PRED-134 I Cant Tell My Husband That I am Getting Fucked By His Boss. The film tells the story of Yuka Arai, a beautiful, stubborn wife of a young employee of a certain company who, despite being raped by her husband’s boss, still silently endures for fear of her husband being fired. Yuka and her husband have not been married for a long time, but the husband is always busy with work so often comes home late, Yuka often waits for her husband to come back to sleep. Then one day drinking too late, so his boss did not have a place to sleep, so he asked to come to his house to sleep for a night. The boss who just saw Yuka revealed herself to be an eager man, he kept staring at the full breasts of a young girl in her twenties … The next morning the husband went to work again and …

Date: February 9, 2021