RBD-903 Suzu Harumiya


RBD-903 A Woman From A Chastity Belt 24 Shunsuke Tsuzu. Suzu Harumiya is a pretty young idol, born in 1996, so she looks very young and pretty. She has a very beautiful body, big round breasts of the most prolific age in life, long legs and a very handsome chubby face. The movie is about a perverted boss who falls in love with Suzu Harumiya, an employee at the company. However, Suzu Harumiya was often intimate with another person in the same office, which made the boss very angry. He had thought of a way to possess Suzu Harumiya. That day he told her to stay and finish the documents, and then he pretended to give her water to drink. She did not expect that the boss had put sleeping pills in it and then as planned after Suzu Harumiya drank water and fell asleep he stripped her of her clothes and raped. Not only that, he also used the virginity key to lock her private area so that no one could fuck her but him …

Date: February 11, 2021