S-Cute 300 #8 Ayu Sakurai


S-Cute 300 #8 Ayu Sakurai. Today, my girlfriend and I went out for a drink with my best friends, so I was quite drunk, but unexpectedly my sweetheart Ayu Sakurai came to the room and she took out more wine and forced me to drink. I managed to get another drink and fell back onto the table. Now the lewd in my boyfriend got up and she got up and took off the jeans she was wearing and climbed onto the chair I was taking to provoke me but it didn’t work so she took off the shirt she was wearing and woke me up. with its lascivious gestures make my drunkenness fade away. It led me to bed and undressed me and stroked my penis. For a while when my penis was hard, it immediately climbed onto me and kept bouncing …

Date: February 6, 2021