SDMU-736 Satori Fujinami


SDMU-736 A Girl Who Has Been Transferred From Shibuya To A Country Country – Misunderstood As A Raw Bitch And Savored By Barbarian Sunburn Men … Fujinami Satori returned to her hometown after years of separation because she had to go to the city to complete her high school program. beautiful. Satori stayed at his cousin’s house, whose uncle also had an unemployed and very shy girl. As soon as he saw Satori he was extremely shy, seeing his cousin Satori greeted him politely. Then she started to help her uncle clean the house, and her cousin kept peeking behind Satori. The first time he saw a girl as beautiful and sexy as Satori, so he was curious about Satori … Is it that Satori is as naive as her appearance?

Date: February 15, 2021