SHKD-415 Asami Ogawa


SHKD-415 The Target Being Fucked In Front Of Husband. The film is about a young couple who has just been married not long ago when the husband has to go on a business trip away from home, leaving his young wife Asami Ogawa. Every day she stays at home and regularly receives letters and gifts from her husband. Thought they would live happily together, but that was not the case, because she was home alone, so she accidentally caught the eye of a pervert. Then one night while sleeping when Asami was burst into the room by a blindfold, he covered her with a towel and raped her in the weak resistance of a girl. And then from that day on she became a slave to that guy fuck each day. Then the day her husband came back, thinking that he would escape the torment of that pervert, but that was not the case. The pain multiplied for them when even the husband was tied up to watch the other man fuck Asami in her husband’s hopelessness …

Date: February 11, 2021