SHKD-614 Yukina Saeki


SHKD-614 Caged Rookie Model Sex Slave Collection 5 – Yuki Saeki na Aya Mikami. The movie is about Yukina Saeki being the daughter of a certain director. However, his company is falling into a dead end and is in danger of bankruptcy. So Yukina Saeki did something to help, she decided to go meet a woman who introduced her as a model for a certain supermodel company with a pretty high salary. With her standard body and lovely face, Yukina Saeki was quickly accepted by the lascivious director. She did not expect that on the first day the director had led her into his private room and forced her to rape, although she firmly resisted, a weak girl could not resist the beast that was thirsty. What will the fate of Yukina Saeki be in the days to come.

Date: February 10, 2021