SHKD-717 Yurara Sasamoto


SHKD-717 Feeling You Do Not Want To Be Committed. The story of a young couple they have been married for a long time, but the wife does not allow her husband to fuck is played for a reason. The story was that when she was a schoolgirl she was raped by a close friend, so she kept obsessed with the image. When the husband touched her, she was scared and immediately turned away, making her husband unable to do business. But the god still does not let go of her and her husband. Shortly after the wedding, the best friend who raped her from high school came to the house and tied her husband. Then he rape her again, but this time in front of her poor husband. The husband just kept silent and watched his wife get fucked and it was even more painful when he had never once been able to fuck his wife …

Date: February 18, 2021