SHKD-821 Akari Tsumugi


SHKD-821 Prisoner. A film released on December 7, 2018 by Akari Tsumugi, with the content of quite a crime for her small family. The story begins on a dark night when a young man is walking in the street when a father is stopped and beaten up by a father. Then he sneaked into the back garden of the Akari Tsumugi couple to hide. The next morning he woke up and left to find a very fragile dog hole that could be easily destroyed. Without much thought, he swung his hand to break the barrier and quietly entered Akari Tsumugi’s house. As for Akari Tsumugi, after seeing off her husband to work, she went to the market to prepare lunch, when she got home, she was very confused because her kitchen was thrown up, struggling to clean, suddenly from behind…

Date: February 10, 2021