SNIS-343 Yu Shiraishi


SNIS-343 I am Going To Get Raped. Young Wife Wears Out Her Husband Edition. A very touching film by Yu Shiraishi, the film is about a young couple being bullied by mean guys. The story is that Shiraishi is a beautiful employee, in her company, there is a perverted boss who knows that Shiraishi is married but still raped her at a party at the company at that time Shiraishi was drunk and didn’t know anything. both. Then he refused to let Shiraishi go, but also recorded a video to threaten Shiraishi, forcing her to have sex with him often. That night, Shiraishi’s husband saw the scene where he threatened his wife, so he accidentally punched him a few times, who expected him to fall off his head. So he hired a lawyer who was many times more despicable than him to… Whether the young couple had to face what lay ahead, let’s follow along.

Date: July 20, 2021