SSNI-012 Aoi Tsukasa


SSNI-012 While Her Husband Was Away For A Week, This Young Wife Was Driven Cock Crazy After Her Father-in-law Kept Aoi Tsukasa. The film tells the story of Tsukasa a beautiful girl, she marries a rather sick husband because he is too passionate about her job and does not have time to take care of herself. The next day was the day the husband started a new business trip for a week. That evening, Tsukasa wanted to go to the top with her husband, but the husband was so sick that he could not produce any sperm. The whole scene of two people sex accidentally caught the eyes of the father-in-law who was in spring … The next day the husband began to leave. And what will happen to beautiful young wife Tsukasa? Will Tsukasa’s husband return home to see what happens to his little home?


Date: February 10, 2021