SSNI-689 Moe Amatsuka


SSNI-689 For A Month Without Her I Couldn’t Stand My Abstinence And Reached Out To My Best Friend For 14 Days… I am Moe Amatsuka, a girl who is over 20 years old but has not had a love affair yet. It wasn’t because I was ugly, but I had no feelings for the men around me until I met him, the husband of my best friend who had met him for a long time. We met on an intimate evening before the best friend was away on business for a month. After that meeting, my friend went on a business trip, and I returned to my room with strange feelings for the other man. Then a week later I received a call from him. He invited me to the house to play and during the mixed feelings I was with him … We were fuck each other like that for 2 weeks without getting bored. Then on the 15th I suddenly realized my position in his heart.

Date: February 6, 2021