SSNI-942 Yura Kano


SSNI-942 My Buddy is Girlfriend Is Blind Without Her Glasses – I Tricked Her Into Fucking Me. Yura Kano is a beautiful girl, she is in the same class as me, I have secretly loved her for a long time but I dare not confess because I have nothing but a big and tough cock. Yura’s hobby is reading books alone in the library, so I often use excuses to approach her. My unrequited love continued to grow, to the point where I couldn’t control myself whenever I was near Yura. Forgot to tell you that she is very nearsighted so she cannot see things clearly. That day, when Yura took off her glasses to rub her eyes, I quickly stole them and fucked her right in the empty reading room. I didn’t expect Yura to look so gentle, but she has a very respectable fucking experience. After fucking I took her home and continued to fuck her… However, I didn’t know until later that she had a spare pair of glasses but she didn’t use them that day, I don’t understand why. ?

Date: July 10, 2021