SSPD-137 Matsushita Saeko


SSPD-137 When A Married Woman Opens The Door Mr. Matsushita Saeko. The movie is about Matsushita Saeko, a supermarket employee and lucky electrician. Matsushita is working for a mini supermarket and her husband is working at a big company. Everyday, the time the couple spend together is very little, so their feelings are somewhat faded over time. Then one day, as usual, Matsushita came to the store when he saw a very simple looking electrician who was honest to know that he was an acquaintance of the shop owner. Somehow, after that meeting, Matsushita thought about him often. These feelings were not supposed to be because Matsushita is married. The next day she went to work again and met the electrician again, and then that night the owner invited Matsushita and the electrician to drink beer … This is also the turning point of the two. Where will your results go?

Date: February 10, 2021