STAR-775 Iori Kogawa


STAR-775 My Name Is Furukawa Ikori. One Day Suddenly I Was Interchanged With My Teacher, Furukawa Iori is a beautiful schoolgirl, but her personality is not very normal. She is living with her cousin in the city. One day, by chance, she went out with her teacher when she suddenly fell in love so she took her teacher home to fuck each other. The next day she went with 2 other teachers and this time together they led to the hotel to fuck. Because the other two teachers were so damn fuck, the next day, Furukawa Iori fell ill and was bedridden with only her younger brother looking after her. Right now she feels that her brotherly affection is so precious, how after she recovered from her illness, how did Iori repay her younger brother?

Date: February 11, 2021