STARS-225 Aozora Hikari


STARS-225 The Girl I Love Who Helped Me Out Is Getting Fucked By Jocks, But… Hikari Aozora. You are a beautiful, dynamic girl. I’m a shy and bad guy we were in the same class. Ever since she showed a big smile when she met me on the way home from school, my heart has completely belonged to her. Knowing that she signed up for a martial arts class, I also enrolled in it. Every day, I just stole her in every movement and gesture, she is really beautiful, maybe I will have a hard time getting her attention. And then during a training session my teacher called her out to talk to me privately, after a while I went to the bathroom and saw a scene that I could not expect, my heart exploded, she was suffering The teacher fuck, each groan, her gasps like tearing my heart.

Date: February 6, 2021