VENU-818 Miyuki Arisaka


VENU-818 A Suddenly Pushed By Her Sister Daughter Bride 1 Night 2 Days Miyuki Arisaka. The story is about a beautiful and very thoughtful sister-in-law and lucky brother-in-law. Today is the second day, the wife of the brother-in-law is away from home, so the house is very messy, he eats instant noodles every day. He was wondering if his wife had asked his sister to take care of him, when all of a sudden, the doorbell rang, he was very bright because he knew for sure who it was. He immediately opened the door and invited his wife’s sister in, just entering his sister-in-law’s house gave him a kind smile that made him fall into a deep daze for a few seconds because of the beauty and charm of her sister. The older sister is very psychological so she helped to clean the house then helped him …

Date: February 10, 2021