WAAA-017 Tsubomi – Rei Kuruki


WAAA-017 A Rough Sex-Loving Father-In-Law Gets A Taste Of These Sexy Sisters He Was Breaking In These Bitches To Be His Creampie Sex Toys And Toyed With Them Daily… Tsubomi and her younger sister Rei Kuruki are living with their stepfather, who is the stepfather of the two sisters’ mother. Every day Tsubomi stays at home to take care of the housework, Kuruki is a college girl. Their family life seemed happy until their mother was away. When his wife was not around, the stepfather had quietly observed all of Tsubomi’s movements and activities, he noticed that the eldest daughter had a strange attraction. He wanted to fuck Tsubomi and so… After he got bored, he turned his attention to Kuruki’s younger sister. Will Tsubomi be able to protect her sister from her perverted stepfather?

Date: July 10, 2021