China – XKXB8012 Wife is good girlfriend 2


XKXB8012 Wife is good girlfriend 2. There is a young couple living together quite happily, every day the husband uses his big cock to make his wife happy. Then one day, his wife’s best friend came to the house to play, he had to sleep on the sofa, that night he and his wife were not allowed to fuck. Yaobei learned that your husband has a big, strong penis from her story, so she secretly wished to hold it and suck it once to see if it was really as big as her friend said. So when the wife left the house to buy breakfast, Yaobei sneaked aphrodisiac into a glass of water and gave it to her husband to drink. Facing the stimulation of a beautiful girl like Yaobei, the husband got up and used all his strength to fuck, making Yaobei extremely high.

Date: June 24, 2021