XV-528 Takako Kitahara


XV-528 Takako Kitahara. This is a rather old movie by Takako Kitahara, an idol who once stormed with a very lustful face. The film tells the story of an unruly love affair between a sister, a younger brother and her lover. Takako lives with her brother in a small house. Two sisters rely on each other until adulthood. Takako knows an artist, the two of them are very happy, the artist is also a person who loves Takako with all his heart, he also fuck very well, every time he makes love he makes Takako top up several times. . Then one day Takako accidentally read a letter from her brother, she did not expect that her brother had secretly loved her for a long time, in return for Takako’s brother’s sincerity …

Date: February 10, 2021