XVSR-112 Yuno Mitsui


XVSR-112 As You Can Begging High School Pond No Beauty Sister Rumor. Yuno Mitsui is my beautiful teacher, a student with an extremely masculine face that every girl is willing to fall for my charm and even teacher Yuno craves. . Ena Ruri, the only female student in my class, although not as pretty as her teacher, but also a lot of guys who like her, it’s easy to understand that my class is full of boys. As mentioned above I am the best handsome guy in the class with my lethargic look I quickly approached and knocked out my young teacher in just a few strong and decisive moves. My classmate Ena Ruri was no exception. And of course, I’m not alone in class with such numbers. Let’s take a look and find out the mysteries behind my class.

Date: February 6, 2021