XVSR-186 Yui Hatano


XVSR-186 Tonight – Of Fate And The Son Of The Daughter-in-law Intimacies. The incest story is about a beautiful daughter-in-law named Yui Hatano from a small family. Thinking that their family would be very happy because the husband was physically quite strong, he always fell in love with his lascivious wife, but one day her husband was away from home on a business trip and before he left he didn’t forget to fuck his wife once. At home, only his daughter-in-law and middle-aged father-in-law remained at home, so there was nothing to do at home, so at night they would drink alcohol and drink to ease the sadness. After that, everyone went to their room to sleep, just as the father-in-law was asleep when he heard a knock on the door …

Date: February 11, 2021