XVSR-422 Ayaka Tomoda


XVSR-422 What I Can Do For My Husband …. Trained By The Boss To Be Taken Down – Ayaka Tomoda and her newlyweds are living happily in a beautiful house, every day her husband goes to work, his wife stays at home doing the kitchen work, thinking that they will be so happy until the husband one day. So drunk that I had to ask my boss to take them home. As soon as he entered the house, the boss fell in love with his wife because of her supermodel-like beauty, which was really delicious. After he left, he took a break, the next day he went to his wife’s house and told her that he would fire the husband because he could not afford it. in her family, if now her husband is fired, how will her family live. After watching for a while, the boss made one condition not to fire Ayaka Tomoda’s husband: …

Date: February 10, 2021